Anna Ley

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Duration til 28.6.24
Viewable by appointment

Exhibition view

In this exhibition, painter Anna Ley explores the theme of literature and education. Which books answer crucial cultural and socially relevant questions or open up such discussions? The exhibition features paintings of books, some of which were published in the last or the penultimate century, but are still timelessly relevant.

Exhibition view

The series begins with a painting of the book „Im Westen nichts Neues“ by Erich Maria Remarque, published in 1928. This book deals with the horrors of World War I and should still be read and discussed today as a warning against further conflicts and militarization. A significant portion of the paintings in the series focus on contemporary political themes, inviting discussion.

Exhibition view

Artistically, the exhibition shows the artist’s interest in graphic and typographic elements, as well as the question of reducing design elements—how much does a painting need to be readable?

Heinrich-Böll Gymnasium
Acrylic on canvas · 140 x 90 cm · 2024

Galerie Berlin
Schweidnitzer Str 17
10709 Berlin